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Who is Taylor Swift dating?

Ten years more into her career, she has proven herself as one of the most influential singer-songwriters of her generation. She has always been writing about her life, though as her popularity started to grow, her songs have inspired from random high schoolers to extremely popular celebrities, and fans always have had fun asking about who she is referring to.

It’s almost rare for celebrities to go unnoticed today, far less cover significant parts of their personal lives from the media. So, when the aspiring star, like Joe Alwyn, stays private, the interest builds even more. He is 29-year-old, an English actor who rose to fame dramatically when he was first romantically linked to one of the most popular women around the world, that is Taylor Swift.

When it was all started?

They were spotted together for the first time around 2017. Since then, he has become a feature in her lyrics, garnering likely scream-outs in most of her songs like “London Boy” and the incredibly romantic song “Lover.” The song “Invisible String,” off Swift’s newest album Folklore, is likely to bring their relationship up-to-date. Peppered with personal details, the song plays with the notion that she and her boyfriend were meant to be together.
In her latest Disney+ concert film, folklore: long pond studio sessions, she confesses that during the discussion about her album collaborators namely Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner. Although, there has been a lot of conversation about William Bowery and his name, since it’s not a real guy. The William Bowery as we know that is featured on Taylor’s Album collaborator, is probably Joe Alywn.

She proceeds to admire her boyfriend’s artistic talent, as he plays the piano brilliantly, so he is always just playing and mixing it up. And the song named ‘Exile’ was mad because Joe Alwyn had written the whole piano section. It turned out that the actor is not only a brilliant pianist, but also a vocalist, as he originally sang the part of Bon Iver on that song.

She revealed that Joe Alwyn sang the way the first verse is. Also, she stated that she was really stuck and even asked if they could keep writing that one. It was really pretty obvious; the song could be a duet.

She went on to describe that they began their collaboration after she heard him perform the chorus of her “Betty” song, encouraging him to write a song together. They seem to have learned from the special circumstances during the quarantine. It was a step that they would never have taken, because why would they ever have composed a song together, Taylor Swift said.

The identity of William Bowery has been an enigmatic co-writer of her Album called Folklore. It has officially been confirmed, and it’s exactly who the fans thought it was all along.

When her album “folklore” was released for the first time, she gave a shoutout to her folklore partners on Instagram. Over and beyond the extreme, her fans soon discovered that William Bowery was the only one not being tagged on it, causing them to suspect that he was not a real guy. Given that Swift, as she’s often recognized as a huge fan of pseudonyms, followers started to wonder who William Bowery could be, triggering theories ranging from Joni Mitchell to Harry Styles. But the most popular interpretation was Alwyn, since William is the name of his great-grandfather, who also was a composer, a conductor, and a music teacher, and the Bowery Hotel is where they first met.

That explains everything!