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What is Speed Dating?

If you have never heard about speed dating before, it’s a basic premise. A gathering of single men and women will meet for a couple of hours. Each man sits down in front of a lady, and they’ve got five minutes to get to know each other and see if there’s a ‘spark’ – the mysterious chemistry that you always hear in movies. After five minutes, a bell rings and the men move to the next table to get acquainted with another lady. The process continues until every man and woman has been introduced to the event.

It is indeed easy to see why the idea of speed dating has caught on so fast, it offers people an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of new faces and personalities in a limited span of time. Many who are trapped in a dating routing or trying to meet someone who isn’t a ‘friend of theirs’ will discover completely new friends at these gatherings, and even though they don’t share contact details at the end of the night, they will still have a nice time!

Speed dating has slowly but steadily grown in popularity among older adults, and now it’s a perfect way to find love and affection. What’s it all about, and how do you decide if speed dating is going to be a worthwhile way for you to meet other people?

How does it work?

On arrival at one of the Speed Dating events, you would be invited by the welcoming host who could check in. Your host will make a welcoming speech to let you know what to expect in the evening. As soon as the dating portion starts, the ladies will be seated at their designated table. The men begin with the corresponding number. After 4 minutes, the bell is going to ring; and all the girls are going to stay put, and all the guys are going to move around.

Events will continue until all of you have gathered there.

At Speed Dating, they’re just there to meet someone you would like to date, just like you. You’ve only got enough time with each person to determine whether or not you like them. You’re only given the contact details to each other if you both accept and consent to it.

Advantages of Attending Speed Dating

  • It saves you time, effort and money. It won’t waste much of your time. You are about to meet 7-14 other singles at the speed dating event. You have the right to choose someone you prefer. Or would you like to get a lot of dates for this price anywhere else? It’s barely!
  • There are no embarrassing moments at speed dating events. You don’t have to make reasons for walking out of an awkward date. The 4 minutes you spend with each member in the speed dating experience can be safely survived, even though you don’t think the other one sympathizes or is compatible.
  • Speed dating has been proven. It is being actively practiced in a variety of countries across the world.
  • It guarantees you. If you don’t choose someone during the speed dating event, you can try again and this time you have a free speed dating event to join.