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How to Start Dating Again?

It could be terrifying to get back to dating after a long break. You may have been in a relationship or married for years, but now you’ve found yourself alone again. Or maybe you’ve wanted to go to find someone who’s spent some time on your own.

You may be trying to determine how to get to know new people, or whether you’re happy enough to start dating again.

Starting to get back to the dating game after a long break can be intimidating.  Then as soon as you eventually dip yourself back into the dating world, you again face all the usual first-date nervousness you’ve skipped feeling at first. If you’re curious how to start dating again, remember that it doesn’t have to be that panic attack.

Here are few of the tips on how to start dating again.

Allow yourself to explore more 

Nothing is going to happen if you don’t get yourself out there. Only step out of your comfort zone to see what life has to offer. You would never find a fascinating new person if you stick to the same old things, doing the same old crap.

Try something different by appearing for a football team, working with a non-profit organization, or going to a new nightclub.

Make yourself beautiful

There’s really no way you’re going to feel attractive if you don’t make yourself feel more charming. And that may be exactly what the doctor ordered to pamper yourself.

Things as basic as a new nail polish color, a new haircut, or a new dress will help jumpstart your new love life: it will help you look sexy—and 100 percent willing to take on some new opportunities.

And if you’re going to be dating online, find a good friend to take some super interesting photos for your profile, they’ll set appropriate you apart from the rivalry, and better promote your online dating profiles.

Be real to yourself

Trying to pretend to be someone you’re not really going back to fire: please be yourself and owning who you are. And don’t be tempted to become the dream individual of a possible new partner, either. Be true to yourself and to your core values. The better you trust yourself, appreciate what you want and will give, and see relationships as potentially risky yet mystical encounters, the more easily you will be able to distinguish good from bad.

Find peace with your past

You’re not going to be able to start a relationship with anyone new if you’re already caught up on the venture capitalist who failed to make time for you and the relationship.   Taking all the appropriate steps to get over your previous partner: grieve whether you have to heal or go to a dating site, and then devote the past to history. Only after you have taken the opportunity to heal old wounds in the right time, whether through talk counseling, time invested, or fruitful discussions with real friends, you are able to learn from previous failures, thereby cultivating stronger potential partnerships.  You need to be at your best and willing not to repeat past mistakes until you open up to a dedicated quest, and be flexible if the next partnership doesn’t compensate for what you’ve missed.

If you find yourself back on your previous relationship, stop your line of thought and remember that you used to enjoy being single. Back then you could do whatever you wanted, and at any turn you could feel so free.

Be optimistic

Not every guy you date will be deserving of your attention, let alone the one. You will certainly have some bad dates, but that doesn’t mean you’re permanently doomed to stay single. True love requires a lot of time to grow, even if you run into a few bad people, stay optimistic. There’s something special to you and hopefully you’ll find out who you’re looking for.