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Sep 16, 2015 · Scar injury compensation can be higher for: visible scar injuries, and particularly facial scarring; scars which have had a major or ongoing psychological impact; scars which have affected your employment (for example if, prior to your injury, you worked as a model or in a customer-facing role)4.7/5(41). As such, there are aspects of your permanent scar injury claim unique to making a work accident claim that you need to consider before beginning the process, especially the fact that facial scar compensation amounts may be deducted from Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Jury awards for compensation for scar injuries vary. Some juries have returned significant verdicts (from $100,000 to $1,000,000) for serious facial scars sustained in by a young female in a car accident or a child that was bitten in the face by a dog. On the other hand, juries have returned lesser verdicts of $10,000 to $30,000 for older men. Where a facial injury results in a scar, you are entitled to make a facial scar injury compensation claim, and may be entitled to integrate into your claim the costs of plastic surgery to remove the scar. As with any injury, it is essential that you receive appropriate medical attention as soon as possible.

However, a few states provide workers’ comp benefits for scars to limbs and other body parts only if the scar causes a loss of function or limits the worker’s ability to find employment. In your case, because the scarring is to your arms, there is a good chance that you’ll Author: Sachi Barreiro, Attorney. Facial scarring compensation: how much compensation a male and female can claim for disfigurement of the face due to a scar caused in a UK accident. Includes plastic surgeon medical reports.

Oct 01, 2014 · If you have facial scars and other injuries, you need the best possible lawyer to help you get what you deserve. As you can see, the value of facial scar injury cases vary wildly, and one of the reason is the quality of the victim's legal counsel. Compensation Levels For Scarring How much compensation for facial scarring? The main points to be considered in facial disfigurement claims, which are a form of scarring, will be the nature of the injury, the extent of residual scarring, the age and how the scar affected you psychologically.