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Apr 04, 2014 · Sugar Cum, the new pill to give you luscious-tasting love juices Food for thought, this one.Author: Sophie Hines. “An easy way to look at it is that being healthy helps to keep your semen tasting better. Your semen is an indicator of your overall health. doing drugs, and drinking coffee all contribute Author: Aly Walansky.

Wheat germ and omega-3 oils have also been said to produce more and creamier cum. Drink Up Here's a recipe for a drink that incorporates many popular cum-enhancing ingredients, as well as some used by cum-flavoring supplements. Though we can't make guarantees, it might make your cum taste better, and it's part of a balanced breakfast. May 28, 2015 · Yummy Cum - Engineered to Dramatically Improve the Taste of Your Semen! Yummy Cum is stacked full of potent fruit extracts and natural anti oxidants, that not only work to improve your overall health but also dramatically improves the flavor, sweetness and smell of your semen. This easy to take pill simply makes your semen taste really good.3.3/5(14).

6 – Foods that make semen taste better. As mentioned above, nothing can be said for sure that certain foods may improve the taste of your semen. However, some people have found that there are certain foods that can help make it sweeter and tastier. Cinnamon is especially recommended to . This easy to take pill simply makes your cum taste really good. It works naturally with your bodies system to improve the taste of your cum. It is a scientifically proven fact that certain foods and beverages can affect the way your bodily fluids (sweat, saliva and semen) taste and smell.

Jun 28, 2012 · Cum Taste Pills, Better Cum Taste, Cum Taste Bitter, Cum Taste Sweet, Cum Taste Good, Cum Taste Pills Altering your diet will have a huge . If you’re thinking someone is going to be tasting your cum anytime in the near future, do them a favor and lay off the fried food ok? If you can’t stand the taste of your own cum, how can you expect me to? But how do you make semen taste better? Semen on a good day tastes like sour milk mixed with damp socks. As much as guys would like.