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Mar 09, 2019 · Learn more about some of the most common chemotherapy side effects by clicking on the links below: anemia/low red blood cell counts. diarrhea. fatigue. fertility issues. hair changes. infection. memory loss. menopause and menopausal symptoms. mouth and throat sores. nail changes. nausea. Sometimes the side effects can last a lifetime, such as when chemo causes long-term damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, or reproductive organs. Certain types of chemo sometimes cause delayed effects, such as a second cancer that may show up many years later.Last Revised: February 15, 2016.

Aug 01, 2017 · Possible side effects of chemo for breast cancer Menstrual changes and fertility issues. For younger women, changes in menstrual periods are Heart damage. Doxorubicin, epirubicin, and some other chemo drugs rarely can cause permanent heart Nerve damage (neuropathy) Many drugs used to treat Last Revised: October 3, 2017.