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-Asian Live Seafood Market definitely lives up to it's name.-Tons of live seafood choices ALL YEAR ROUND.-This is where you can grab very good oysters, craw fish, crabs and all sorts of fish & mollusks.-The prices vary depending on the season, but they are never too expensive.-I've posted a lot of photos, so please take a gander below.4/5(33). Asian swamp eels: potential vectors of parasites 71 Figure 1. Left: Young customer inspecting tub of live Asian swamp eels for sale in an ethnic food market in a large U.S. city, 7 August 2003. These animals—Monopterus albus “Clade C”—were the source of the market specimens used in the study (Field# LGN03-35b).

Live eel Anguilla Glass Eels elver and adult eels silver eels from Sri Lanka packed alive fresh or frozen or smoked eel Organic different sizes, huge supply ability Anguilla Bicolor Anguilla Bicolor Unagi for sushi Divron Bioventures Divron Bioventures is a Sri Lanka based company sustainably producing and harvesting giant fresh water prawns (scampi), tropical oysters and clams, tilapia and. Jun 07, 2017 · In the past, American eels—less desirable to Asian tastes than the Japanese and European species—represented a small fraction of total international sales. But in 2010 the European Union banned exports of European eels, which had been declared critically endangered, causing a sudden shortage.

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