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Wishes 4 Me is a Non-Profit Organization that assist adults who are disabled to live a more active and involved lifestyle. Founded on the belief that giving up is never an option, everyone at Wishes 4 Me works overtime to restore a sense of hope to those that have forgotten the very meaning of the word. It grants wishes for children and young people aged 4 to 17 years who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. The child must not have received a wish from another wish granting charity or organisation before. Past wishes have included a trip the Disneyland Paris, an ipad, a garden playhouse a trip to the theatre and swimming with dolphins.

Adult & Children's Special Wish programs in S. E. Michigan and emotional challenges they face on a daily basis. Starbright projects do more than educate or entertain: they address the core issues that accompany illness--the pain, fear, loneliness, and depression that . As soon as a young adult turns 18, parental authority no longer exists. You must then decide whether to seek guardianship, or decision-making authority for the child. The person given the authority to make decisions is called a guardian. Financial decisions can be some of the most challenging for a disabled young adult. Managing bank accounts Author: Lissa Miller.

I am so sorry to hear. I know as a parent of a child with a life threatening disease you know this day might come but you are never ready. Let’s turn this into a dream for your daughter. Several of the wish granting organizations allow for adults as well. In this list there are several adult wish granting organizations like •Dream Foundation.