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The honey is calorie-rich and carbohydrate-loaded honey, and is the perfect fuel. Worker bees eat this honey and use the energy it provides to fuel rapid contractions of their wing muscles. For example, honey bees have been noted to eat over-ripe fruit, and they also make, store and eat honey. Bees may also eat sweet secretions from extra-floral nectaries of green leaf plants and shrubs, and may eat the sweet secretions of other insects, notably aphids.

Aug 26, 2019 · Without pollen the colony would not be able to make honey because it would not have any workers to do the job! Pollen is used to feed baby bees. It is the only protein source for the honey bee colony. Pollen is vital for the health and productivity of a honey bee colony. A honey bee's diet consists of nectar and pollen, or honey which is made from nectar.

Nov 07, 2017 · You shouldn’t feed Honey to Bees. Some people might see the title of this piece and feel outraged. That’s because if there’s one thing you should never do when it comes to feeding bees, it’s feeding them honey. At least when it comes from an unknown source. Honey can be dangerous to bees and in some circumstances end up killing them. Some prefer adult bees, and others consume bee larvae. Examples of birds that eat adult bees and wasps include bee-eaters, summer tanagers, scarlet tanagers and purple martins. One bird that prefers the larvae of bees and wasps is the honey buzzard.

Jun 27, 2014 · Feeding Honeybees Honey May Increase Mortality. By Don Studinski, Colorado beekeeper and guest author for BIP. Many of us who practice “natural” beekeeping or “permaculture style” beekeeping are quite comfortable feeding our honeybees honey when they “must” be fed. We all know to never feed honey from the grocery store because it will likely contain American Foul Brood .