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Sep 25, 2017 · There were countless rules of social manners and etiquette during the Victorian Era, though they now may seem a bit old-fashioned. To guide the uninitiated, Thomas E. Hill compiled a list of dos and don’ts in his Manual of Social and Business Forms, first published in 1875. Here are some of our favorite practices of social etiquette from the 4/5(147). -- Etiquette played its part in Victorian clothing. It was considered 'good etiquette' to dress appropriately to ones age, and position in society.-- Etiquette manuals instructed gentlemen that they should attend to the ladies present, at all cost, putting aside their own needs, and acting as servants, guides, or even waiters, if necessary.

Throughout the Victorian era, merely walking down the street would be a very different situation than what you would see in today’s times. There was a lot of value placed on having proper etiquette regardless of whether you were lower or upper class. Every society has such rules — like whether to drive on the right or left side of the street — to establish expectations and keep things running smoothly. In the Victorian Era, etiquette lubricated the mechanism of social exchange: There were rules for making new friends, keeping up with old friends and even cutting out morally dubious friends.Author: Jane Mcgrath.

Nov 14, 2008 · victorian children's etiquette I got several emails about my Victorian kitchen post and many of you have asked for more posts on Victorian times. So I thought I would post about what children in the Victorian era were taught and expected to behave like. Victorian funerals and Victorian mourning - Fashion Etiquette mourning attire, victorian era, hat and veil Victorian funeral customs- What is the proper Victorian clothing to be worn during the mourning period? So the wedding is now a funeral. Mourning Ladies (article: Victorians in Mourning) See more.

Apr 03, 2017 · The Etiquette of Victorian Christenings By Geri Walton | April 3 those in attendance would obviously have had to dress appropriately. For the adults, this would have meant wearing morning dress. Of course, we have already mentioned that the baby at the centre of it all could not possibly have taken on the responsibility of following proper. In the Victorian era, calling cards were used by every lady and gentleman of means. While the custom began in Europe, it spread to England and America quickly, and the intricate courtesies of how and when to leave cards was a facet of Victorian social life and etiquette.