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The Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS) of the Division of Health Service Regulation is responsible for: Licensing of adult care homes (seven or more beds) Licensing of family care homes (two to six beds) Registration of assisted living facilities called "multi-unit housing with services". The Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS) has state approved courses on infection control and medication aide training that are available for download. The section also offers training to adult care providers, county Departments of Social Services (DSS) staff and state survey staff.

10A NCAC 13G.0204: This section discusses the rule impacts regarding the license application process for family care homes not currently licensed by specifying how and what information needs to be submitted to the Adult Care Licensure Section (ACLS) and the basis on which the Section . Statement of Deficiencies. Statements of Deficiencies (form used by the state to document inspections) are posted for adult care facilities with survey dates beginning November 1, 2014 and deficiencies or violations were identified.. Note: A Yes under the column, IDR Pending, indicates the facility has requested Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR), a process that gives a facility the opportunity.

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