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You’ve had symptoms for longer than four days. The common cold tends to clear up on its own in three to four days, says Melisa Lai Becker, MD, site chief of emergency medicine at Cambridge Health Alliance. It starts with a scratchy throat, congestion, and runny nose, and then a cough usually develops.Author: Kristin Canning. In addition to a sore throat, other common cold symptoms include: Runny nose Sneezing Cough Mild headache Mild body aches Fever.

Aug 13, 2016 · A sore throat: This symptom can easily be dismissed as a result of seasonal allergies or the common cold. In GERD, however, a sore throat results from the non-stop irritation brought about by the frequent contact between your stomach acid and your throat.Reviews: 2. Unlike strep throat, which is caused by bacteria, the cold can be caused by one of several viruses. In fact, over 200 types of viruses can cause the cold. The most common is known as rhinovirus and accounts for up to 40 percent of colds. Next is coronavirus, which is responsible for about 20 percent of colds.Author: Alexa Englehart.