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Being physically unfit can lead to balance problems. Frail older people who live alone are at high risk. People with mental illness may also be accident-prone. Emotional stress. Most of us can recall a time when we were distracted or upset and then had an accident. Do accident prone workers have Adult ADHD? by Fred Hosier February 24, 2009 12 Comments. Consider this Scenario: Your employee “Chuck” has had more than his share of minor safety incidents and near misses. Why is he more accident prone than others? A new study says he might have adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Accident Prone by MarciaRH I'm happy with the results but readers not interested in a story without an explicit sex scene might want to avoid this one and move on to the next offering. I just wanted to be upfront about it and save readers grief. "I caused that stupid accident myself," she said bitterly. "I must have a hidden death wish. • being accident prone • struggle with substance abuse. • low self-esteem. • being accident prone. An adult with ADHD may also exhibit problems with memory and recall, the ability to complete routine tasks, distractibility, and difficulty with timeliness.

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Accident-proneness, is the idea that some people have a greater predisposition than others to suffer accidents, such as car crashes and industrial injuries.It may be used as a reason to deny any insurance on such individuals. May 14, 2009 · Hurry, worry, multitasking, stress — you might call them the four horsemen of the accident prone. But something else may also be at work, say researchers.Author: Diane Mapes.